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How to Secretly Get the Customer Persona Insights of a Competitor (Without Going to Jail): TransferWise Case Study

If you need to understand a customer, why not just pick up the phone (Zoom) and talk to them instead ...
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Behind the Scenes of Monzo’s Content Strategy (Reverse Engineered)

App-only challenger banks have risen to try and push incumbents off their financial perch, and in this battle, content marketing ...
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How to Leverage Newsy Content for Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership and News: When it’s Okay to Suck News Dry

Rather than building from scratch, finding and knowing how to leverage newsy content can help ease your thought leadership journey ...
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Peer to Peer Lending

The P2P Lending Industry in 2019; Street Protests and Shifting Policies

As much as growing pains are inevitable, it doesn’t make the experience any better; such has been the experience of ...
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Beyond 140-Characters: How to Use Twitter Threads to Tell Longer Stories

Twitter has a 140-character limit that can be annoying at best, especially when there is a lot to say about ...
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Get B2B Leads On LinkedIn Groups Without Posting Anything: A Fintech Perspective

When everyone and their grandmother knows that content is king, getting B2B leads on LinkedIn through posts becomes a race ...
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Whitepaper & Longform articles

Marketing a Fintech App? Whitepapers and Long-Form Articles Can Give You an Unfair Advantage

If you have a fintech app, alongside any hopes of having the word viral anywhere near your name, content should ...
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Why Facebook is Launching a New Stable Currency and How it Compares to Bitcoin

What would it take to unite Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss twins? You know, the college mates who ...
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Predatory Debt

Predatory Debt: How Fintech Companies Are Fighting the Beast

What predatory debt can do to a person, is turn them from a lion named Simba, destined to rule the ...
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