A Few Words

“If what people did in a garage was write, wouldn't you want a mechanic that understands how all car systems work together? Then why compromise on content?"

Is Your Content Converting?

If there're 2 things that can help fintech companies improve their online presence (website copy, blogs etc.)

It's creating content that unearths  something new, and  aggressively promoting it to the relevant audience (& I don't mean just sharing a link on LinkedIn ).

If you can't do anything else, the ability to combine the two is what will set you apart in your target client's eyes-especially in these unprecedented COVID-19 times.

I can help your brand become digitally hard to ignore.

That's why you  need an exceptional and strategic approach to content, plus a willingness to go the extra mile, I guarantee that.

Gabriel was a delight to work with. Using only a light brief, Judopay received a fantastic piece of content with fresh research from the market, on-brand and with interesting infographics. I highly recommend.


Former Head of Marketing, Judopay, Current Brand Manager Virgin

I have worked with Gabriel for some time as I needed copywriting for the financial industry. His writing was always to the point, full of references, well structured and clear. He always delivered on time and on subject. Overall he is very professional and a great guy to work with. 

Sotiris Nossis, CEO PaymentComponents

Sotiris Nossis

CEO, PaymentComponents www.paymentcomponents.com

My Content (must-have) Advice

  • A catchy headline that is sure to catch attention (educate, intrigue, capture emotion).
  • A fun, interesting and engaging voice (yes, even for b2b).
  • Researched, practical and actionable insights that readers can use (they should have something to implement afterwards).

If you need a peek at my portfolio

My Background and Experience

Started out working for an online business publication; putting out daily business news, conducting interviews and attending corporate events.

Transitioned into crafting business content for an award-winning lifestyle blog.

Those experiences taught me what it takes to build an audience on the internet.

Most memorable thing?

I once had to cover a Jameson Irish Whiskey meet & greet event where there was neither meeting nor greeting.

The rapper Ty Dolla $ign (Google him if you must), the star attraction,  sat in a corner guarded by the bulkiest man I've ever seen, while we-the bloggers-watched at a safe distance (I doubt any distance could really have been safe).

Only one blogger, in a short white dress(please don't ask why I remember that detail), dared to get close enough; standing for a while chatting up the bouncer, that's as far as any of us got to Ty Dollar.

After this, I needed much less excitement & Fintech proved 'boring' enough, so.

Luckily, the knack to unpack complex concepts in an easy to understand way is appreciated in the sector.