Strategic Content that Creates Demand

With the right content strategy, tech/fintech companies can create new demand, educate prospects & (if need be) entice feathers off an eagle.

Is Your Content Converting?

What are you doing to shine a light on the problems your customer experiences but may not know they have? That’s how new demand is created, isn’t it?

Smart fintech & tech companies are using an unusual approach that makes content a competitive advantage (plus those budget conversations with the CFO become a bit friendlier).

Strategic content that explores the intersection of your product value prop and your customer’s needs can drive growth, but without aggressively promoting it to ensure delivery, you’re throwing the money you pay me in the rubbish bin.

(By distribution, I don’t mean spamming LinkedIn and FB groups with links:).

Let’s make your brand digitally hard to ignore.

“That’s why you need an exceptional and strategic approach to content, plus a willingness to go colour outside the box, I guarantee that.”

Why Your Content Might Not Be Working

Here is the writing journey of a typical company's content:

Google technical Fintech topic, read the top 10 results, and creatively come up with an article built out of the insights revealed in these 10 pages of Google.

Your competitor’s typical content writing process:

Google technical Fintech topic, read Google’s top 10 results and creatively come up with an article built out of the insights gleaned in these 10 pages from Google. Notice similarities?

Zero new thought leadership/brand narrative. You guessed it, this has been happening for years.

If customers need education on how to use your cool new API to pay employees in multiple countries fast and affordably, the most info-rich person to teach this is not a writer.

It’s people in the company; the CMO, CEO, Engineers, etc. but they might not be the best writers.

We create content collaboratively with industry specialists within your company, then use those insights as a skeleton to flesh out stories.

From one interview with someone in a company, we can get two articles, 5 audiograms (the audio from the call is edited, transcribed and made into a video) for LinkedIn and tweets. 

We’ll build out the content with research, screenshots of examples and fact-checking, but the narrative is driven by a true thought leader: someone in the company.

Why me?

Why not? One interview, multiple content pieces & formats, plus, with the right topic selection, distribution becomes easier. How often do you measure your content’s performance?…No?

Well, that’s another reason (ahem! excuse) to work together.

My Content (must-have) Advice

Select and test the right topics, mistakes in this stage kill the potential of all content marketing efforts. A quick tip: start with what is already popular among target customers.

A fun, interesting, and engaging voice (yes, even for b2b).

Researched, practical and actionable insights that readers can use (they should have something to implement afterward).

The ability to be repurposed into multiple pieces: audio, video, tweets, LinkedIn posts etc.

(works wonders when coupled with a great distribution strategy).

 What clients say,

  • I have worked with Gabriel for some time as I needed content for the financial industry. His writing was always to the point, full of references, well structured and clear. He always delivered on time and on subject. Overall he is very professional and a great guy to work with.


    CEO, PaymentComponents

  • Gabriel was a delight to work with. Using only a light brief, Judopay received a fantastic piece of content with fresh research from the market, on-brand, and with interesting infographics. I highly recommend.


    Former Head of Marketing, Judopay, Current Brand Manager, Virgin

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