Strategic Fintech Content that Grabs Attention

There's a game plan that can help fintech companies create content which engages readers, increases traffic & (if need be) can entice feathers off an eagle.


Why Your Content Might Not Be Working

When everyone and their cat seems to be writing content (sorry cat people), it's ironic that very few marketing teams put out original content.

Original content? (head-scratching begins)

Compare these:

 ‘5 Hottest Fintech Companies in London’ vs ‘What I Uncovered Interviewing CFOs from 5 of the Hottest Fintechs in London’.   

You’re Lacking Links

Does Google consider links when putting you in front of customers? Yep. Do you have a strategy for this?

Here's a tip, find your biggest competitor’s highest-ranking pages, and the websites linking to them; identify gaps in their content.

Create a better ( & original) piece of content which you'll use to reach out to at least 100 of the sites that link to them. Show them why they should link to yours instead.

You’re Not Promoting Your Content Enough

Rather than creating 1,000 articles a month to gather dust, create strategic pieces of comprehensive, insightful, 'monster' content,(e.g. link-worthy pieces such as lists, analysis of industry studies/research, statistics round-ups etc.) and promote them as if your hairline depended on it. 

Ensuring your content is unignorable is the only way to execute this.

Assuming your articles have been crafted to provide excessive value to readers, you can treat them like products and implement a 'sales' strategy.


Put (through cold emails, ads etc.) original content in front of influencers, your dream clients (b2b), industry publications, LinkedIn & FB groups, and watch the change.

Gabriel was a delight to work with. Using only a light brief, Judopay received a fantastic piece of content with fresh research from the market, on-brand and with interesting infographics. I highly recommend. 

Siobhan McGinley

Former Head of Marketing, Judopay, Current Brand Manager, Virgin

I have worked with Gabriel for some time as I needed copywriting for the financial industry. His writing was always to the point, full of references, well structured and clear. He always delivered on time and on subject. Overall he is very professional and a great guy to work with. 

Sotiris Nossis, CEO PaymentComponents

Sotiris Nossis

CEO, PaymentComponents